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"Today, mom is dead. Or it might have been yesterday, I don’t know. I received a telegram from the asylum: « Deceased mother. Funeral tomorrow. Yours faithfully¹» That doesn’t mean nothing. It might have been yesterday."²

¹ The expression “sentiments distingués” is equivalent to “yours faithfully” or “sincerely” and it’s used to formally finish a letter (in this case a telegram). Expressions such as “amicalement” or “cordialement” have pretty much the same meaning.
² Albert Camus expressed, in this first paragraph, what the Absurdism represents. The Absurdism was a philosophical school of though that assumed all humanity efforts would end-up becoming a failure, simply because all things that we were trying to find and that were physically possible were, also, humanely impossible. It started as a critic to all human effort of finding a meaning to life knowing we’re not able to do so. The narrator is known to not feel anything towards this, supposedly, tragedy which is shown by the use of small sentences and quotations of indifference. Throughout the book, this attitude will be a constant, showing Camus’ geniality in his work.
  • 24 June 2012
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